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Whether you’re involved in a major collision or a minor fender bender, we offer a variety of autobody repair services

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February 26, 2020

The time and effort spent on my 1979 VW Bug was well worth it. They went above and beyond with their work!
They are a comfortable and friendly business.
On the way home from picking up my Lady's Bug two blocks a way, I already had a honk and nod and four blocks from home, another honk and then a thumbs up from a bus driver. All this was due to their finishing touches, polishing and great job with matching the paint!!🐞
December 21, 2019

I came to the shop to ask about getting the trim put back on the side of my van. The shop was jammed and they couldn’t do it in the near future, but they took the time to bring me and my trim piece into the shop to show me how to do it properly on my own. They also took the time to put some adhesive on the plastic trim piece (about 10 ft long) so that the 2 sided tape would adhere better. They gave great suggestions how to put in on and get it straight and level. To top it off they even hooked me up to buy a roll of 2 sided tape so that I could go home and complete the repair myself. They were friendly and helpful above and beyond what I expected. Any future body work required on my vehicles will definitely bring me to this shop. Thanks Jose the installed trim piece looks great again.
November 7, 2019

I'm very happy with the work Jose and his crew did on my car, but they were overly "optimistic" and I feel in retrospective a bit deceptive on their estimate. I brought my car to Lima's and waited extra weeks to be fit in at Lima's because, after getting one estimate from a competitor, Lima consistently insisted that they could beat it by several hundred dollars, even allowing for unforseen additional cost, given that it was a minor dent that needed repair. I felt duped when I picked up the car to find out then (and only then) that the final cost was pretty much exactly what the competitor had initially quoted, despite all of Lima's assurances that it would be several hundred dollars less. I know there are no guarantees, but this was a pretty standard minor repair that an experienced shop like Lima's must see hundreds of, so I am disappointed that all of their assurances re cost came to naught.
May 4, 2019

Jose and his team were fantastic to work with. They provided friendly, professional service at a great price, and got me back on the road in record time. Thanks Jose!
March 9, 2019

Jose Lima comes highly recommended and now I know exactly why.

When I had my car towed to Lima’s after hours I felt a bit helpless; there was extensive damage and I rely on my vehicle for work. Just the next morning Jose (with Gabriel’s assistance) thoroughly explored all of the repair options with me – in terms of parts, price and hours to repair – until we decided on what was best for my given situation.

The team at Lima’s started to work on my car soon after it was brought in and throughout the repairs Jose kept me updated, even sending photos of work that had been completed. I appreciated this level of communication, as it eased some of the stress related to the process. When my car was ready to go Jose stayed at the shop later so I was able to conveniently pick it up on my way home from work.

The repairs were perfect; even better than I could have imagined. Gary (and all the others who had a hand) really outdid himself, despite the mess that was my car he was initially given to work with. Perhaps what was almost appreciated most, not to mention a pleasant surprise, was that damage from an earlier and separate incident was completely gone – complements of Lima’s. They popped out a massive dent, unrelated to this particular shop visit, and removed the heinous red paint that tainted my white vehicle and made me cringe every time I looked at it. (A special thank-you to the person who did this; I didn’t catch his name, but he deserves acknowledgement for going above and beyond and for his affable disposition.)

All around outstanding experience, from the friendly and professional staff to the thorough service. My sincerest THANKS to Jose Lima and everyone at Lima’s Autobody and Paint Shop. 10/10 would recommend.
February 23, 2019

Jose is a personable man who appears to have excellent rapport with his staff which then also translates into the personal pride that they all take in the work that they do. In my case they went the extra mile in completing work that a previous body shop should have done, without extra charge. I will be taking my business to him in future.

Jim Hoeppner
January 26, 2019

With a summary like that, you would think they were worked on a Porsche or something. But no, it was just fixing a fender bender on a humble Pontiac Wave. The job they did was befitting of a Porsche though. Amazing paint job. Seams are tight and flush. I don't think it looked this good when it rolled out of the factory. Feels almost silly having such a nice paint job on this car.

It really makes sense now when i look at all the 5 star reviews these guys get. For a service operation like body shops, its unusual (and difficult) to get such consistently high marks, unlike internet vendors who are selling products off a factory production line. Its not just this site; check out all the other sites that has Lima's. They are always highly rated and not just by a few "friends" used to bias the ratings.
January 22, 2019

I love my cars and only the best paint and body repair will satisfy me. Lima’s is absolutely the best in Victoria and I give them my highest recommendation.
August 9, 2018

José and his team did the most wonderful job on our white Civic. It's ten years old but looked worse than it sounds: dents in both fenders and on a rocker panel, scrapes from a truck that backed into it, paint chips off every door and along the back bumper.
I told José to keep the costs down, as it'll go on the market soon: the best job possible wouldn't make sense. So his team focused on the really important jobs and did their best with the rest. Plus, their detailing is as good as anywhere. Not much more than a grand later, this car positively gleams; it'll be so easy to sell.
I think they're the best body shop in town.
August 3, 2018

Had a scratch repaired on the rear bumper of my Mercedes SUV today. Jose took care of it on the spot, painstakingly filling in the smallest of scratches. Once finished, he gave me some extra touch-up paint to take home. It's evident that Jose takes pride in his work, even when the job is small.