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Whether you’re involved in a major collision or a minor fender bender, we offer a variety of autobody repair services

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14 Jun 2018

excellent work

thank you Jose....caring, friendly and great quality craftsmanship.....great prices too!
Toyota looking good!
5 Apr 2018

Best Auto BodyShop in Victoria

There is nothing fun about having a fender bender, But when you find someone like Jose and his team at Lima's Body & Paint Shop it turns a bad day around!
He was able to work me in and in short order my baby was looking brand new.
Now I'm not looking forward to another fender bender but when it happens there is only one shop that will get my business...Lima's Body & Paint Shop

Cheers, Gerry Mendria

5 Dec 2017

Great overall expereince

I like taking work to local small businesses and Jose and the rest of the crew made it clear and simple. Great communication, personability, and job on the car (especially matching the color on my not so subtle blue). Especially grateful because they stuck through dealing with an American insurance company.
Would certainly recommend to others!
14 Oct 2017


I introduced my ML350 to a post in the underground at Mayfair. I felt sick when I realized what I had done. Jose took great care to bring my car back to it’s full beauty again. You would never know anything had ever happened. And...the car was detailed as well. Thanks Jose and crew
28 Sep 2017

Never again

After obtaining an appointment to drop off Michealle's car, Reggie, to Lima auto body here in Victoria with a claim from ICBC of about 8 hrs work needed, the nightmare began. While dropping me off at work one fine June day, we were rear ended by a driver who immediately contacted ICBC and admitted fault, so, this should have been an easy fix. Well, after multiple excuses, lies, condescending remarks to Michealle, having her in tears, my getting calls while on the road to Nova Scotia, etc, etc, We finally got the car back yesterday. Yup, that is correct. 11 Weeks and 3 days to do a job that at most should have been three days. Here is a kicker,,, they had to find no parts, I had done that already,,, paid for the part myself, and when I picked up the car,, you guessed it,,, that part was on the billing to ICBC. I would say that is fraud. How was the finished job you ask???? Well, we took the car just to get it the hell away from Jose Lima. The Trunk does not seal correctly, and frankly the paint sucks. There is a run in the seam for the license plate and a water splotch to the left of the plate. Really disappointed. The first four are before, and the last three are after pics. Would I recommend Lima Auto Body??? No. On the website they state, small, jobs, classics, antiques etc,,, do they provide good customer service? Not to us. The biggest excuse was,,, no one wants to work on these old cars. That was used even while I was picking the car up. Amazingly, right beside Reggie was an mid 70s Mini, in for a full body and paint. What Mr. Lima was really saying is they did not want to do the small job when there was big money out there.
6 Aug 2017

Quality service

Jose Lima and his staff did an amazing job on my car. I recently had it in his shop and was very happy with the result. Lima's Autobody
was the name i was quoted the most when I asking around for a good Autobody shop. Lima's did a perfect job on my car and I will highly recommend them!
Thanks Jose - good job and good customer service.
11 May 2017

Good Old Fashioned Quality Work, Excellent Service and Peace of Mind

Jose and his staff at Lima's are exceptionally honest and truly amazing! A few weeks ago the front of our car tagged a curb and ended up dislodging most of the front bumper. I was out of town at the time, so my wife took the car to the dealer where they told her that she was looking at about a few thousand dollars to repair the damage, and about a 2 week wait. I took the car to Lima's the next day to get a quote from them. They actually fixed the car on the spot, and I drove it away an hour later. I have known Lima's for years and can always count on getting quality work done in a timely manner and at the best possible price, and wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.
15 Apr 2017

Rescued by Jose Lima of Lima's Autobody

I got a flat tire and was stuck at the Chevron gas station at Tillicum. They wouldn't let me leave the car there for my husband to come and pick up. I was attempting to figure out how to put in air, so I might be able to drive home or to a different location when Jose Lima happened to pull in to put air in his truck tire. When he realized I had a problem he insisted on dealing with the air and then when the tire wouldn't hold air he put on the spare tire. He also insisted on no charge for his rescue.

Cathrine Featherby
6 Jan 2017

Amazing Service and Workmanship

Jose and crew at Lima's are amazing and almost unique in today's day and age. They were very kind and knowledgeable, and held true to their word with the estimate they provided.

During the course of the work they found an unexpected defect which required extra unanticipated work to repair.

Jose was a true gentleman, and very honest person as he stayed with his original quote.

If you are looking for a decent body shop that does does good quality work at reasonable prices.

You need to look no further than Lima's.
20 Dec 2016


Limas is amazing, I got my bumper repaired and bolted back to my car for $150, I was quoted $2000 at all the other places I went. My car looks awesome and I was able to afford it as a student. Jose was so lovely and quick with his service. I am never going to any other autobody shop ever again.