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Rowa Auto Collision Repair Reviews

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April 26, 2018

I got repair service from here two times. First time was when the window on passenger side was broken and using google map, I had to look up mechanic reviews in Waterloo since I have not been to any mechanic in this town. I could find two best places and I chose to go where it has more number of reviews. It was Rowa Auto Collision Repair. I loved it when I first heard the estimate becuase it was in the cheapest range compared to what I looked up on google. Window rotor part was broken so they had to order the part and they fixed it as nothing happened there. I was glad that I was very satisfied as other reviewers mentioned. Second time was when I was involved in some car accident. This guy, Robert helped me a lot in terms of directioning on what to do next and so on. He cared as if it was his car. Robert contacted my insurance company several times to fix my car as much as we could with the best budget. I picked up my car today and I was twice as satisfied. From fixing a door frame, painting job, replacing my head light and even to the cleaning inside thoroughly. My car is good as new now and I am coming here again if anything happens again.
September 8, 2017

I had a small accident with my CRV and needed a dent in the back fixed as well as a new rear window. After getting three different quotes, I decided to check online to see what was available. I came across Rowa and was impressed by the reviews I read so we took our vehicle there. Robert said he could do it and gave me the best quote by far. It was a holiday weekend but he said he would make sure he had the paint and would order the glass etc that day. He even worked on the holiday and I had my vehicle back in quick time. The paint match was perfect as was everything else that was done. And I wasn't charged a cent over the quote, which, as I already said, was much better than any other I had received. He is a man of his word. I have been "singing his praises" to everyone that knows I had to have it repaired. We will definitely go back to Rowa if we ever need work done again. And did I mention that when we went for a quote, we ended up leaving the car with him then, not having a ride back home. Robert even offered to drive us back to Elmira; however, we did have a friend who came for us. He definitely goes the "second mile."
March 25, 2017

Took my civic to repair and Robert was the most easy-going, honest, and hardworking guy I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Ordered my parts when I asked him to, gave me a quote and stuck with it, and even gave me a couple rides since I was without my car for a while. If you're looking for any sort of auto repair, give Robert a shout and if he can do it, it'll be perfect.
March 5, 2017

My husband and I went to rowa auto collision we had the best service from Robert. We read the reviews and decided we were going there to fix our car. He sat down ordered the parts right in front of us, the cost was there for us to see. He gave us a quote and that was what we paid in cash on pick up day. He was a pleasure to speak with we enjoyed chatting with him about other things as well. I highly recommend going there you will not be disappointed. He's fair, honest, and I will drop our previous mechanic we were going to for five years because this shop is able to do more than body repair they can fix brakes, along with other things. I am able to view what I'm paying for not like other shops they don't show you what parts you're paying for they just make up things. Thanks for your service you earned loyal customers today.

Katarina and kris
February 12, 2017

Fast paced service!! Robert and team did good job on my car. I am satisfied with over all result.
January 14, 2017

A young man backed into me and initially we thought there was not too much damage. After a couple of reviews from body shops in my area, I realized there was quite a bit; the front grill, hood, radiator and a/c condenser. The young man did not want to go through insurance and wanted to pay for it himself. He wanted his mechanic to take a look at it which I thought was fair, but I knew that a mechanic could not easily fix this. And I was concerned about the paint job too.
Upon looking up directions to his mechanic's address, I noticed an Auto Body repair shop close by, Rowa Auto Collision. I started to read the reviews and became quite impressed with the amount of 5 star ratings, customers who all raved about the service and work completed on their vehicles. I knew I had to convince the young man to at least let Rowa take a look and offer an estimate.
His mechanic could not do the work and thankfully Rowa was able to give a great estimate, better than the two I had obtained. As I didn't want the young man to also pay for a rental vehicle, Robert was able to provide a loaner for 4 days. He was able to take my vehicle in right away and worked hard to have it completed on time.
My 2013 Nissan looks fantastic!! I am so happy to have found Rowa Auto Collision Repair and I have already recommended them to some friends who have had a mishap.
June 6, 2016

ROWA Auto Collision repaired my Lexus SUV. The repair entailed removal of a large dent on the driver's door panel and paint/paint matching the door and front fender over the tire well where the auto sustained scrapes. For the sake of brevity and readability, I assess the service provided by ROWA as follows:
Price Point-- Very Reasonable
Customer Service-- Excellent
Quality of Repair-- Excellent
Quality of Paint/Paint Matching-- Excellent
Efficiency-- Excellent
On a personal note, I found Robert to be open, personable, straight-forward and a man of his word.

P.S. The reader might be interested to know that I received another quote from a large auto body shop in the region. The quote came in at almost 3x the price. They were going to replace the door with a used, empty door shell and install my door components (e.g., the window) into the frame. Then, they were going to paint and paint match. I am glad I went with ROWA: I am a very satisfied customer.
August 6, 2015

I took my Lexus SUV to Robert for a rear bumper crack repair and repaint quote .
Robert took the time to talk to me and go over the repair . Not only was ROWA's quote reasonable but also the owner, Robert was the nicest guy in town.

This is a 100% legit auto body shop and the staff and owner are trustworthy and fair. You will not be disappointed. The repair was done promptly .

I originally had a quote by another bumper repair company in kW and the lady turned out to be rude and did not honour original quote. Roberts place is professional and done right !

Definitely recommended to anyone in KW and beyond.

Amazing work Robert! Thanks!
Manning C
March 29, 2015

While at University our son got into a front end collision. Robert and his team at Rowa provided exceptional service with complete honesty when we had to arrange repairs from Sudbury.
Rowa went out of the way to provide pictures, deal with adjusters and brokers, and complete the job within the estimated quote.
I would highly recommend this Auto body Repair Shop.
February 23, 2015

Very pleased with the work Robert and Jerry did with my car. I had stoped in at two other larger body shops and one was at least $500 more then Rowa's quote, and the other was to busy to give me a quote and asked me to come back the following week.......and this was for a minor bumper repair. Robert was very easy and great to deal with. My car looks great and I would recommend his shop to anyone looking for autobody repairs.