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May 4, 2018

Although they do fantastic paint work they have almost no knowledge how to put the car back together after they take it apart. I so regret ever doing business with them. Two huge insurance claims later and over a year to fix the huge mess they made of my BMW 328 and VolvoXC90. My BMW was there for over 4 months! Never again will I have them do any work for me. If you need paint work Ben is an absolute pro. Just have someone else take the car apart and put it back together. Such a shame. Bob
December 3, 2014

I had someone reverse into my drivers door at the gas station. Insurance company okay'd a new door frame (entire door replacement). Problem was it was very difficult to get and unfortunately Michelle and I laid our faith in a part supplier that operates here in Canada. They told us over and over that the door had been shipped when it had not (tied up 5- 6 weeks). Michelle searched and phone every supplier in North America and through speaking with other supplier's in the US we were advised that the only company that makes these door frames had a bad mould and are no longer making them and pretty much everywhere in NA is on back order. So Michelle and Benjamin advised me that the frame was still okay and we proceeded with the door skin. I think Benjamin is great with laying down paint. I could not tell where the new and old paint met. We did have a little issue with re-assembly and a very small scratch occurred. They had me come back and offered to fill and buff or re-paint. In the end they decided to repaint which was great. They also sourced and installed new weather striping on both doors as a courtesy. Here is the kicker I picked it up on a Saturday morning and too my surprise someone had backed into the front of my car damaging the front bumper and peeling some paint and some abrasion damage and this occurred after hours. They made it right and took care of me, she holds her company to a hi standard and I could see she was striving to back it up. They definitely seem willing to work with customers to help them get the job done in a way they can afford. We had some setbacks but in the end she worked very hard for me. No circumstance or person is perfect, and with older cars sourcing parts and assembly and reassembly can be tedious which I fully understand and that's why I can honestly recommend Body Shop Benjamin clement for you vehicle.
May 1, 2014

I was highly recommended this shop via Harley davidson dealer Motosport plus. I am Very Pleased with the final product..Price was reasonable time frame suited my needs and the job was flawless...literally. I saw some repairs on cars being done while I was in there and even though im not qualified in the field I can definately say that everything is given attention to detail. I will be bringing my mustang by this summer for some minor repairs.
July 6, 2012

Awesome body and paint job on my new Altima 2012. Can't even tell that the front right side was in an accident. Took 4 days to repair and paint. Picked up my car good as new, cleaned and so shiny!!! Great job Benjamin!!! Now my boyfriend will be taking his motorcycle there to repair and paint.
June 23, 2011

I drive a 2007 Nissan Altima and I managed to get my fender and bumper dented and the paint scratched in a parking lot mishap. I shopped around for a price and their price was less than 1/3 some of the other estimates I got. They really went out of their way to accommodate me because they knew I was a student. They also did the work right away. Other places told me it would be at least 2-3 weeks before they could get me in but with Benjamin Clement they were able to take my car in right away and the work was done in 2 days. Not only was the price and the availability wonderful the work was amazing. It is impossible to see where the original damage on my car was! They also completely cleaned the car inside and out. I would recommend this body shop to anyone I was very satisfied with their service :)
January 24, 2011

After hitting a parked car thanks to someone on a bike thinking that they are a car and cutting me off I brought my 06 honda accord into see these guys. I was very satisfied with the way they explained exactly what repairs would be done and what the repair process was, when my car would be done and above all how my car looked when it was givin back to me. Great work, i liked that the car was cleaner than ever. All around great experience. thanks
November 1, 2010

I found Body SHop Benjamin Clement on this site and had work done and I am extremely satisfied with the work. My fender and front bumper were badly cracked and the repairs are literally invisible. Great work, the price was very fair and it only took 3 days. I recommend this shop
October 19, 2010

I cannot believe how great this shops work is. This place didnt just slap body filler on my vehicle; they did PROPER repairs and their work is seamless! I am much more then satisfied with the repair, paint job, turn around time and their price was very reasonable. Thank You Ben!
I Will keep refering your shop; keep up the great work :)