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We are one of Toronto's largest and reliable collision centre. Our business is to fix vehicles that get damaged in accidents or random collision.Collision Centres are many but few are able and efficient.

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5 Nov 2018

Fraud Alert!

I had my car towed here after being in a serious collision and they had offered me a rental car. I only needed the car for a day or two and they offered the rental car open ended contract so I didn't have to incur high costs. After offering the rental for $25 dollars a day and returning the car a day later as I had arranged transportation; Kurd, the individual, said my credit card was not working, it was denied. So I went ahead and gave him another card. He had charged the card and said you will be getting an email with the receipt. I realized after he left in his RED Tow TRUCK, that he had charged me $526. Stated that I returned the car earlier than arranged. In addition, charged me $50 dollars/day for rental fee and $100 dollar admin fee. I understand everybody wants to get paid, but this individual and business entity had taken advantage of me after being in a serious collision. As the victim, I had taken a rental car for less than 24 hours to go to the collision reporting center and afterwards the hospital. After calling the individual back and of course upset with him. He stone walled me on the phone and said, 'have a nice day!' right before he hung up the phone. I could not believe after acting like he was helping me, I got snaked. You can never judge anyone even if they come off as 'nice people'.

Here is there info:

6 Aug 2014

G35 Infiniti restored beautifully after front end damage

My 2005 Infiniti G35 was struck by an elderly gent who hit the gas instead of brakes while parking next to me. His car ended up on top of my front fender! The car was towed with my permission to 409 Collision nearby, and I was immediately impressed by the attractive “designer” reception area and the professional and courteous staff. (In particular, the manager Gary, was very pleasant to deal with from start to finish.) The large shop was spotlessly clean and filled with many high-end cars, which gave me great comfort. Being an engineer I tend to ask many technical questions and was fully satisfied. 409 quickly arranged for a nice Mercedes SUV to tide me over. My insurance adjuster arrived the next day and assessed that much of the front end bodywork needed replacement. The shop was very busy and what was to be an 8 day job stretched a few days longer, but Gary was quick to say that he was covering the extra cost of the rental Mercedes, which I was enjoying anyway! When I came to pick it up, I inspected it thoroughly and was amazed at the quality of work and level of finishing. Also the car had been fully detailed inside and out. (No doubt a lot of dust was generated during repairs) And Gary said the shop had polished a few extra panels so that the repair blended well with the older black paint which had some surface blemishes. The whole car now shines just like new! My wife was so impressed she immediately took her FX35 in for some touch-ups and refinishing. Our thanks to Gary and all the team for first class service!
5 Feb 2014

Fair pricing, excellent workmanship, clean shop, friendly staff

I initially found 409 through CAA. They were a recommend shop on their list which was a good start. Prior to my visit, I got 6 different quotes for a front bumper job. 409 came through with the best quote.

I think they work on volume...this is an extremely busy shop if you look at how many cars are lined up in their shop. But don't let volume deter you, they are very well staffed in the shop if you get a chance to visit it. Their shop is super clean (trust me I been to other shops). Ritchie is the man that saw everything through and ensured by Acura TSX was done properly.

I am extremely meticulous of workmanship and quality. Critical of any 'birds eye' or 'orange peel' but there was none which is why I'm so impressed. The reflection from the clearcoat paint was amazing that I could see myself with no distortion. That is a sign of a good paint job. The gaps were all pretty good. My was a repair job and not replacing a bumper at all, so I expected the hanger/clips to be off with uneven gaps once the bumper was hung but nothing. I pointed out my fender was still a little pushed in and they had their tech do the minor adjustment in 10 mins and I was so impressed.

I highly recommend this shop and I felt really compelled to write this review as they have been so good to me.

Thanks Ritchie and Mario!

Black Acura TSX
11 Jan 2014

excellent service

It took a bit longer than I expected but the work done was exceptional. Communication could be improved a bit.
15 Jan 2013

Nobody likes an accident but if you are involved in one 409 is the only place to go

There is a cretain vibe in the air at 409 Collision it's a vibe you can feel it's a vibe that that tells you they care. I was rear-ended last summer and the tow truck operated dragged me to 409 Collision. I wasn't thrilled my insurance told me they were not recognised. Well it turned out that there work is far superior to the standards that the insurance industry sets. They use new parts while the industry settles for salvage parts. They personally gaurantee satisfaction and they deliver.
Right from the moment I arrived I was at ease I was in professional hands
Gary Blokhuis
2 Jan 2013

409 collision centre

My daughter's car was hit at a shopping plaza. She was obviously very upset and stress. Having contacted the insurance company, she was told to contact a collison repair center in the city we are linving.I insisted that we like to take the car to the 409 collison centre where I had my own car repaired before. The people at the centre were so friendly and comforting especially at time of emotional exhaustion and stress. They did fabulous work and repair. I have no hesitation to recommend 409 collison centre to anyone else who need the service.
1 Mar 2012

fixed mechanical and body work to perfection

I took my beat up 07 Accord to 409 to fix a radiator leak aand steering hose noise and to paint the front end to repair stone chips/weather wear...I wanted to sell my car for something newer but they fixed it such a way that I feel confident driving my car shortt and long distances.. They have a good team of mechanics and ecellent painters and bodymen. My car is as quiet as when I first got it and they matched the off blue honda tone perfectly. Great looking shop. They were 2 days behind but I would rather have quality work than a rushed job because their extra time shows in the appearance and drive of my car.usually these body shops have a bad attitude towards you but not 409 they were never rude or trying to lie/cover up anything, they made a new friend in me and a lifelong client. They gave quality in work, respect to me, and honesty by not bs'ing me...
16 Sep 2011

repaired quarter panel and paint job

I had no issues with this shop. In the past I've been ripped off or given poor quality workmanship when it comes to vehicle repairs. They fixed my quarter panel damage and painted my car. Looks like a very good job. They were a day later than what they originally said but I didn't mind, I'd rather have them keep my car longer and not rush it. One of the few honest body shops around that actually knows what they're doing. Seem to have been in business for a while and have a lot of knowleddge with car stuff. I give them both thumbs up!
30 Jul 2011

Repaired my 67Mustang in debt to 409, they rule!

Had to get my 67Mustang to a shop after the paint job was damaged due to a hail storm in Barrie last year. The paint job I had was mint and a tone of blue you can't find these days. They matched the paint perfectly and it is now back on the road winning more awards than ever before. I am in debt to 409 for doing such an amazing job. I would've paid them double what they asked for the job they did. An amazing establishment and a great bunch of folks.
30 Jul 2011

Repaired my HarleyF350 and RAM 3500HD

My F350 Harley was vandalised and the Ram was bent from the front after hitting a deer. Both were repaired on time to perfection. Nobody competes with their paint job and body work. Best body shop in the GTA. Sounds like the competitors are trying to bring a bad name to a classy business. Sorry buds, the work speaks for itself, give it a rest. 409 is the best, I have and will continue to send my family and friends to them. And the new 409 renovations are simply outstanding, wish I could live in their lobby.