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Speedy Collision and Speedy Bumpers specializes in both full collision and minor collision repairs; we offer Full Collision repairs as you would expect from any auto body shop, but in addition we offer an express lane service for minor collision repairs.

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25 Jan 2016

Poor management

Great experience with the young lady at the front desk she was very helpful, answered all my questions and was super friendly but while leaving my appointment over heard a female in a management position talking down to her employee. Over heard her say "no body here likes you and you're not an asset you're an expense to my company" definitely won't be recommending service at this location
21 Aug 2013

Worst body shop

Terrible people working at this location. Car repairs took 1 week longer than quoted for the same amount of work. Poor communication from the office. Went to pick up the car, it was dead. They left the lights on with the back hatch open. Go somewhere else.
17 Jan 2011

Speedy Collision Calgary

My 2011 car looks great - you would never know it had >$7500 damage before. They were very helpful with getting a rent a car arranged and giving me advice when dealing with the insurance agencies.
26 Oct 2010

Substandard workmanship and lack of attention to detail

I took my car to these guys who were recommended by the dealership. They assured me their work was of the highest quality. Their paintless dent guy did a good job of removing hail damage apart from one ding in the roof which I asked them to redo. The paint was a different matter. When I went to pick up the car there was overspray in several spots and they could not be bothered to clean buffing compound from around the hatchback frame. Claimed the insurance did not cover cleaning of the car. Second attempt to pick up the car, there was dust embedded in the gelcoat which I asked to be polished out. I assumed they would at least clean the dust off the car before taking a buffer to it to address the last problem but judging by the score marks in the paint surface they must have used a bag of rocks underneath the buffer. Sadly guys I can't rate you very highly. I just don't have the time and the energy to whine at you enough to get you to do the job properly.
By: substandard
November 10, 2010
Speedy collision are currently attempting to resolve the issues described in this post
By: substandard
April 13, 2011
Speedy collision offered to pay a third party to polish out the scratches left on the roof. However, my insurance company appraiser inspected the quality of work on the car and approved $2500 dollars extra work to rectify this job at a different body shop.