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Lyons Auto Body Limited has grown into one of the most successful body shops in North America. We have been repairing cars for more than fifty-five years. Lyons determination to deliver top-notch repairs to our customers remains constant.

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August 26, 2019

Biggest SCAM EVER. Search "tow truck tricks" on YouTube. They will hold your car for ransom for upto 6 months. Insurance companies won't pay them because they are a complete scam.
August 25, 2019

This video is all I need to know
August 17, 2019

Note this page won't let me rate anything less that 1/2 a star. I'd go negative if I could.
These pirates picked up my car when my wife had an accident about 6 weeks ago. They took the car to their shop and rented her a replacement. When we contracted our insurance company they told us to get the car released and return the rental. We did, within the hour. The next day my insurance company arrived to pick up the car, but Lyons demanded $10,000.00 for towing and administration, for a 9.2km tow. Their car rental agency billed my credit card $604.00 for 1 hour's rental. They held my car for close to 5 weeks, meanwhile racking up daily storage fees, in spite of my constant phone calls (all went to voicemail, not a single one was ever returned) and visits demanding the release of my car to the insurance company. The police are aware of these scammers, but say they operate "just on the right side of the law'" so there is nothing they can do. The POLICE suggest if you're ever in a car accident have your car towed to your own driveway or a place you can trust, before EVER letting LYONS AUTOBODY or any of their associates companies pick your vehicle up. I finally got a settlement from my insurance company, though I have no idea what they had to pay to get the car back. This is why our insurance rates are do high! When I did finally get my license plates back yesterday, they had peeled the registration sticker off the rear plate so that I can't even apply to get the remaining fees back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISREPUTABLE COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!! If your tow truck driver says that's where he's taking your car, REFUSE!
July 3, 2019

I took my car to Lyons Auto Body Shop last month and was disappointed to say the least. Although the receptionist was polite and friendly enough, the other workers were very rude and one actually pushed me as he walked past because I was in his way. He could have simply asked me to move and I would have done so. Prices were pretty average. Hard to recommend when the workers are so rude.
May 29, 2019

RUUUUUUUUNNNNNN! Hell, drag your car with your bare teeth is easier than working with these scumbags...if a tow truck makes that turn into this body shop, pull his brakes and drag the car home. You’ve been warned....
January 31, 2019

Please be smart and don’t do business with these scum bags. The owner is a fat piece of shit with absolutely no knowledge. They just try and extort money from hard working people and their insurance companies. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE!!!!
January 9, 2019

This auto body shop is the worst watch the CBC documentary on them and you will know it’s a scam DO NOT GO TO THEM they will make you unreasonable amounts of money and hold ur car hostage